Eight and a Half


Eight and a Half. Design for Criterion trailers: A Poem is a Naked Person, Apu Trilogy, A Hard Day's Night, Grey Gardens, Harold Lloyd's The Freshman, Harold Lloyd's Safety Last, title sequences for Late Night with Seth Meyers, Brooklyn Public Network, Partners and 2 Broke Girls, title sequences for Saturday Night Live, the Three Reasons series for Criterion Collection, SNL parody commercials, opening for Will & Grace, SNL studios animated logo, Michael Patrick King Productions animated logo, title sequences for The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, title sequence and show design for the HBO specials A Family is a Family is a Family, its Christmas special 'Twas the Night, and Goodnight Moon, opening for Nickelodeon's Parental Discretion, logo for KoMut Entertainment, logo for Actual Reality Pictures, the Daytime on ABC station ID, MTV Productions’ animated logo, the theatrical opening sequence for Madstone Theaters, Christmas IDs for Cinemax.